Starter Kit for Arduino Uno R3 – Uno R3 Breadboard and holder Step Motor / Servo /1602 LCD / jumper Wire/ UNO R3

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Product Description
5V stepper motor 1
5V stepper motor driver board a
1602LCD screen a
Tri-color SMD 1
Big button 10
Plug-in rushing (green bread plate) 1
Level 1
Bread Line * 651
Small button 5
Infrared receiver element 1
LM35 element 1
Fire element 1
Mercury element 1
The photosensitive member 1
RFID red plate 1
Key 1
1 * 8 pin 1
5K adjustable potentiometer 1
HHC small motor 1
SR04 Ultrasonic 1
Four digital tube 1
A digital tube 2
8 * 8 dot matrix 1
F5 LED White 6
F5 LED yellow 10
F5 LED Green 10
F5 LED red 10
Black rocker 1
F UNO R3 1
White card 1
USB cable 1
Active buzzer element 1
Passive buzzer element 1
10K adjustable potentiometer 1
MAX7219 IC 1
9 g servos 1
Single 5V relay 1
1 * 40 straight needle 1
1 * 40 looper 1
Female-female DuPont line 10 / row 1
830 holes Breadboard 1
6 on the 5th battery box 1
595IC 1
4 * 4 membrane keys 1
1K 5
10K 5
220R 8

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  1. D***i

    Starter Kit for Arduino Uno R3 – arrived fast. Good set and everything is good. Thanks, to the store and it’s seller!…

  2. C***h

    Fast shipping and all healing arrived. Many thanks

  3. H***i

    Good deal. A quality kit to start your Arduino projects. With a low price. Assured Delivery is almost free.

  4. o***r

    Good fast shipping but there is a problem in the box cracked

  5. M***y

    It was written in 17 days in Orenburg. took for 2tr. I checked everything works, I can advise you to buy.

  6. A***O

    Packing is simple postal bag ….. Hence the damage to the box! Opened a dispute, the seller compensated for moral damage. Better packing better goods!

  7. U***r

    Case came cracked, not a huge deal

  8. H***t

    All as in the description. The child is happy. His grandfather asked me to order the same designer that I will now do. I did not communicate with the seller. Recommend.

  9. T***e

    A good salesman arrived in a month.

  10. A***N

    Although there are a large number of small pieces there is nothing left or left, the whole list ok

  11. r***s

    Excellent seller, serious and very attentive. Talked to him that I needed urgent cause was precision for school project and sent with agility. Thank you store the seriousness, understanding and commitment to the customer!

  12. O***e

    All is ok

  13. n***r

    disc was snapped in half. they had to break it to close the box because the box was too small to fit the disc. all of the important stuff was ok. satisfied.

  14. 4***r

    The whole thing.